Our Current Politicians Have No Clue How Their Policies Are Hurting Our Families, Businesses and Communities!


Our current politicians have no clue what their policies are doing to our safety and our businesses when it comes down to releasing criminals repeatedly from jail. You all should know by now that there are career criminals that only care about is breaking the law and getting away with whatever they can. Our politicians need to stop worrying about these career criminals and worry more about victims and our children!



Below, I am sharing a story from a deputy sheriff out of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department who is going through a politician created issue from a call on November 15, 2020.



“This is a dark anniversary for me. One I wish I could forget. On November 15th, 2020, I was working my regular shift, which was nearly over. It was freezing cold and windy. No one was out, so we went roving way out east near the San Bernardino County line. No lights, just darkness. No sound but the howling wind. Our radio sounded. There was a single car rollover on our side of the County line, reported by a passerby. Ordinarily we would’ve been 10-15 minutes away. I was there in 3 minutes.



It was bad. The car flipped at least four (4) times. A civilian had already stopped to try and help. A 3-year-old girl was still in the backseat, but her booster seat miraculously kept her safe. Her mother was outside of the car with an obvious compound fracture in her forearm and several cuts. The mother’s boyfriend was the driver. He was also out of the car; his forehead was visibly swelling from impacting the steering wheel in the crash. He told me another car swerved into their lane, and he lost control trying to avoid it. I put out a description of the car, so San Bernardino County units could look for it.



The mother was pacing around in circles, and I thought she might be in shock. I went to check on her, then she told me:

“I can’t find my son.”

“Oh God no”, I said.



I told her to stay with my partner. I walked the path their car rolled. I whispered prayers muffled by the icy winds. I walked out into the darkness, just past the edge of where my patrol car’s lights could penetrate the night, and then I found him….I found him!



He was just 2 years old. They didn’t strap his car seat in correctly. He launched through a window and out of the car when it rolled. The Fire Department and ambulances were still 10 minutes away. I called for Life-Flight on my radio. I knew as soon as I saw him, but I had to try….he was only 2.



I knew. But I did CPR for those 10 minutes anyway. I bent my body over him, opened my jacket, and used my body to shield him from the cold wind as best I could. I prayed to God above. I begged. I cried silently and felt the tears freeze on my face. I f#cking tried everything. I got help from an off-duty nurse who was on her way home and stopped when she saw what I was doing.



When the Fire Department arrived, they took over CPR. They knew what I knew, but they didn’t question why I asked for the helicopter. He was only 2. I stood watch and continued to pray until the copter came and flew him out.



I went back to the baby’s mother and her boyfriend. They both repeated the story about the car that swerved into their lane. CHP finally arrived and took over interviewing them before the paramedics took them.



The little 3-year-old girl got taken out of her car seat by Paramedics while I was with her brother. She was okay except for a bloody nose, so the paramedics left her alone to focus on the others. She was scared and wasn’t dressed for the cold. I took a blanket out of one of the ambulances, wrapped her in it, picked her up, and held her to keep her warm. I checked her over and kept her close to her mother so she wouldn’t be more scared. She had glass shards in her braids, so I carefully pulled them out while I talked with her to keep her calm. When the ambulance was ready for her, I put her inside.



The mother was in pain, but while she was in the ambulance, I heard her on her cellphone talking to someone. She was calmly saying her son was dead. At the time I attributed her demeanor to shock. I was wrong.



A few days later, I found out from CHP that there was no other car. It turned out the mother’s lump of sh!t boyfriend was drunk and lost control. Without hesitation, she lied for him and backed up his story about another car, even when she knew her son was dead. He wasn’t even the father of her children; she had just started dating him. She cared more about covering for him than her own children in that moment, and backed the lie of the man that killed her son.



Worse, later still I found the boyfriend got released early, due to the intercession of a “civil rights” bail advocacy group. They got him out in a couple of weeks, so he could be free before that Christmas. A Christmas that the 2-year-old boy that he killed, never got to see; the first of many Christmases that little girl will spend without her brother. I still remember their names. Their innocent faces burned into my memory by that freezing wind….and I can’t help but question our increasingly permissive society’s notion of justice.”



I hope this story from a deputy helps open your eyes to what law enforcement and first responders contend with, due to the policies being made by these politicians who have no clue.



Remember this when you vote! This is not a party issue, this is a Public Safety issue!