Defend Prop 13 By Defeating ACA-1 and ACA-13

I’ve been warning for years that California’s Super Majority Democrats will put on the ballot propositions to lose our Prop 13 protections!


If you think these propositions they put on the ballot won’t affect you because you rent or don’t own a home, you are mistaken! Californians already pay the highest taxes in the country, and it is about to get much worse!


Owners of your rentals (home/apartments) units will be forced to raise your rents, to pay the higher property taxes! Rent will also go up for businesses, big and small!


This means the cost of items in stores will go up as well, both on food (grocery stores and eating establishments) as well as clothing and other items!


After years of slowly attacking and chipping away at Prop 13, California Democrats have moved in for the kill shot by placing two constitutional amendments.


ACA-1 and ACA-13 on the ballot in 2024 to gut Prop 13, make it easier to raise taxes in California, and stop the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative from passing.


Here’s what they do:

ACA-1: Lowers the threshold to approve special tax hikes from two-thirds to 55%.


ACA-13: Blocks the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative from being approved by increasing the votes required for approval from a majority to a super-majority.


California Democrats know if the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative (CRPI) passes, the days of lying to voters to impose costly and unfair tax hikes in California will be over and that’s why they are using ACA-1 and ACA-13 to confuse voters and derail the effort to save Prop 13!


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Tax Hikes We Are Fighting:


California already has the highest income tax, the highest sales tax, the highest gas tax, and some of the highest property taxes in the country. California politicians have a spending addiction – and no tax increase will ever be big enough to satisfy their habit! Here are just some of the tax hikes they are trying to impose:


A Wealth Tax – California would be the first state to impose a draconian tax on your assets, not just your income!


A Mileage Tax – Gas and car taxes are automatically increased every year and now politicians want a tax charge for each mile you drive!


A Tax on Moving Out of State – California would also be the first state to impose a tax on people who flee the state.


Property Tax / Repeal of Prop 13 – Partial or total repeal of Prop 13 from 1978 which protects homeowners against massive property tax hikes.


Income Tax – New and higher tax brackets for all income levels – it’s not just the so-called “rich” that will get hurt.


Sales Tax – Every election nearly 200 measures are placed on the ballot to increase state and local sales tax rates.


Utility Rate Hikes — We have uncovered over $4.5 billion in hidden state taxes and fees that are spiking your rates, and passing this initiative will help us repeal those charges that are making your electricity and gas more expensive than it should be.